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Chapter 428 At Least My Body Belongs to Her

  • He wanted to stop the cab. He didn’t want to let her go as he had a lot of things to tell her. He wanted her to know that he had never intended to abandon her, and that nothing had happened between Xia Keke and him at the Xia residence.
  • Without his knowing, she had become a part of his life and his flesh. He thought that he could give her up. After all, he had endured so much pain over the years and had been used to it. Darkness and loneliness were part of his life; they followed him everywhere.
  • However, she was a pleasant surprise in his life. She provided him with warmth, sweetness, care and security. She was like a ray of sunshine beaming on him. He once thought that he was not godforsaken, and that he had a right to live a happy and blessed life like the others.
  • Sadly, everything was like dreamy bubbles under the sunshine. They burst upon the touch of his finger, thereafter he woke up from his dream.
  • Lu Yuzhen felt a metallic taste in his throat again. The urge that he had suppressed in the bathroom rose in his chest once more. In a flash, he spurted a mouthful of blood. His steps slowed and his tall body trembled twice before he plopped onto the ground.
  • A crowd formed around him instantly.
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