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Chapter 426 A Divorce as You Wished

  • Her hand in his palm felt cold and lifeless. Even though she seemed to be in control of the situation, Lu Yuzhen could feel her fingertips trembling. He pursed his lips and allowed her to lead him home.
  • Back in their bedroom in Orchid Garden, Lu Yuzhen’s towering figure stood still on the balcony. The cool night wind made flapping noises when it swept through his shirt. He bent down slightly to light a cigarette in his clasped hands. The cigarette hung between his sexy lips as he drew and puffed. The smoke encircled him and blurred his handsome and proud face.
  • Xia Micheng stared at him. One could not see their faces very well as the lights were turned off in the room. Her hoarse voice was then heard in the dark. “Have you… done it with Xia Keke?”
  • Lu Yuzhen did not turn upon hearing the question. After a while, he coldly responded, “Why do you bother asking when you already know the truth?”
  • Her long lashes fluttered. “Why? I want to know why I failed. You were not that type of person. Did you do it because you couldn’t forget Xia Keke, the lady who saved you?”
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