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Chapter 424 A Cheesy Joke

  • She was right; he could not do anything to Xia Micheng. He could not meet her, hug her or kiss her. He had to and let go in her best interest.
  • “Lu Yuzhen, do you hear me? Why aren’t you opening the door? I don’t like the idea of you and Xia Keke being in the same room. It will make me paranoid!” Xia Micheng pleaded.
  • “Lu Yuzhen, I told you before that I’m extremely petty. Don’t ever touch Xia Keke. If you’re tainted by her, I will not want you anymore. No matter how painful it’ll be for me, I will remove you from my heart.” Her tone was close to tears as she used her hands and feet to knock and kick on the door. It caused a fuss and sent a signal to him that she was in fear. She was in great fear.
  • The thought of it made Lu Yuzhen clench his fists and crack his knuckles. His big eyes were red. For the first time in his life, he felt this helpless. She was his woman, yet he didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t figure out how to deal with his wife, Mrs. Lu.
  • “Lu Yuzhen, don’t go out. Let her go and let me stay beside you. I’ll be by your side forever. You can even see me as Xia Micheng.”
  • Lu Yuzhen stared at Xia Keke with his reddened eyes. One of the ingredients in the love scent was a type of hallucinogen. The substance caused him to see Xia Keke as Xia Micheng out of his intense longing for the latter.
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