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Chapter 423 We Reached a Dead End

  • My mister… Those words aroused a memory buried deep in Lu Yuzhen’s mind. Back then, when he was on the verge of dying, a girl hugged him tight with her soft and warm body and repeatedly called out to him, “My mister, you have to stay alive. I’ll save you!”
  • Lu Yuzhen’s pupils contracted, and his fingers released her neck. After all these years, not once had he forgotten the lady in the cave. At this moment, he could not bring himself to harm Xia Keke.
  • Gasping, Xia Keke inhaled the fresh air greedily. She was almost dead just now. Any attempt to challenge Lu Yuzhen would be risking one’s life. Anyway, she won the gamble.
  • For a long time, she had done a lot of things that made Lu Yuzhen despise her. If she was someone else, he would have made her disappear in Haicheng City a long time ago. He forgave her over and over again only because of his memory of her saving him in the cave.
  • Xia Keke rubbed her bruised neck before throwing herself at Lu Yuzhen’s strong waist again. “My mister, I know that I have a place in your heart. Let me be your woman tonight.”
  • By then, Lu Yuzhen’s temperature was almost scorching. In order to ensure success, Xia Keke took some time to procure the most potent love scent. Under the potion’s spell, Lu Yuzhen’s muscles tightened and his upturned eyes were fogged with lust.
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