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Chapter 421 Have You Forgotten About It, My Mister?

  • Lu Yuzhen rushed over as soon as he received Xia Keke’s message. Led into her room, he swiftly scanned the area with eagle-eyed precision. “Where is she?”
  • “I didn’t hurt her. She’s in the room beside mine.”
  • He gave her an icy stare and sternly warned her, “You’d better not touch an inch of her body. Otherwise, I would make the entire Xia Family pay for it!” Lu Yuzhen then moved his long legs to leave the room in fierce strides. His well-tailored suit pants marked off powerful and dazzling arches in the air as he walked.
  • Xia Keke’s eyes gleamed with jealousy. What did Lu Yuzhen and Lu Xinang see in Xia Micheng that made them smitten with her? They literally had no one else in their eyes except for her.
  • “Chairman Lu, don’t go!” Xia Keke lurched forward and threw her arms around his strong waist.
  • He stopped dead and warned her, “Take your hands off me!”
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