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Chapter 42 You Are My Servant

  • Kong Peixian was so scared that she shivered for a moment. Xia Erxiang was notorious for her arrogant attitude and strong jealousy. Now, Xia Erxiang’s glare looked like she was about to eat Kong Peixian up alive.
  • Su Ju was already standing up. His handsome face seemed unfazed because many women had thrown themselves at him before, but he did not bother about every one of them.
  • “Erxiang, where is Xia Micheng?” asked Su Ju.
  • Xia Erxiang looked extremely furious but she still forced out a smile when looking at Su Ju. “Su Ju, why are you looking for Xia Micheng? She’s at the washroom.”
  • “I need to talk to her about something.”
  • Su Ju then left, leaving the two women alone in the private room. Kong Peixian seemed to have completely sobered up out of fear. She quickly explained herself, “Please hear me out, Erxiang…”
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