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Chapter 417 She Lost Everything

  • Xia Micheng did not want to let Ye Yuan know about her fight with Mr. Lu regarding the divorce now. She probably still didn’t want to give up on him and the marriage as she did not want to file a divorce.
  • “Yuan, we’ll discuss the Beijing trip in two days. Let’s settle Li Qianhui and Xia Keke before that. Thanks for spending half a day with me. I will stay with Grandpa here. You should go home now.”
  • Ye Yuan held on to Xia Micheng's thin arm and felt sorry for the latter, whose eyes were swollen from crying. “I’m not tired. I can stay with you.”
  • “Yuan, go home. I will have Mr. Lu come in to stay with me later.”
  • Ye Yuan lifted her arched brow. “That’s right. Mr. Lu will definitely come and keep you company later. I’ll go home first. If there’s anything, just give me a call.”
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