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Chapter 404 The Stage Was Set

  • “Dad, what is going on? Isn’t Kong Peixian a classmate of Erxiang’s? Why did you mess with her? We were confident that mom was pregnant with a son. We wanted to tell you this as a surprise on your birthday!” Xia Keke criticized.
  • Xia Chunyang was mournful of the loss of his son, and it was made worse by Xia Keke’s accusation that he was keeping a mistress. “Keke, you know what your mom did in the past. What’s wrong with keeping a mistress? If she hadn’t made a scene like a shrew, I wouldn’t have pushed her away. She asked for it!”
  • “Dad! You!”
  • “That’s enough. You’ll stay here. I’m leaving now.” Xia Chunyang left the place without any hesitation.
  • Xia Keke froze on the spot as her eyes reddened in anger. She worked hard to climb the social ladder, but all the people around her were more like a hindrance rather than a help to her. She then turned around and saw a slender and beautiful figure. It was Xia Micheng!
  • After she was done with Kong Peixian, Xia Micheng headed straight to the hospital to see Li Qianhui.
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