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Chapter 400 Compensating for a Regret

  • Kong Peixian was resentful of Xia Erxiang and Li Qianhui because they always looked down on her. There was once when they told some men to strip her off—she was almost raped.
  • Now, she had become a mistress of Xia Chunyang. Although she had failed in her attempt to seduce a young heir like Su Ju, making a middle-aged businessman like Xia Chunyang go crazy over her was like a walk in the park. Xia Chunyang was generous in spending money for her and was always tender to her. More importantly, he had no fetish for torturing his mistress. All in all, she was living a comfortable life.
  • Xia Chunyang turned around and pulled Kong Peixian into his arms. “Peixian, ignore that old woman. Our marriage is all but over, and I no longer go to her room. Now, my heart only belongs to you.”
  • Xia Chunyang was obsessed with Kong Peixian. At his age, he was fond of female college students like Kong Peixian who was beautiful and fair-skinned. Unlike the naggy Li Qianhui, Kong Peixian was soft and understood his needs. They could just get rid of all their worries and enjoy lives to the fullest. Their days were filled with excitement and novelty. How wonderful was that?
  • More importantly, Kong Peixian had lost her virginity to him. Having been drunk the night before, he woke up to find Kong Peixian in his arms. When he saw blood on the bed sheet, he was ecstatic.
  • Li Qianhui did not lose her virginity to him, which remained a regret in his heart. His encounter with Kong Peixian compensated for that regret.
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