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Chapter 384 Precious Blood

  • Lu Yuzhen pushed the door to the bedroom open and stepped inside. A desk lamp with dim yellow light was left turned on. Curled up on the large bed was a soft little body; Xia Micheng had already fallen asleep.
  • Lu Yuzhen approached the bed. His tall figure lowered and he crouched down on one knee by the bed. Then, he reached out and caressed her face with his long, slender fingers.
  • Her face was unblemished, soft and warm. Her skin was so smooth that it was like silk.
  • He tilted his head and pressed his thin lips on her forehead, kissing her repeatedly.
  • He had seen her calls, but he didn't pick them up because he knew that if he did, he would be eager to rush home to her side.
  • He hadn't the slightest bit of restraint in front of her.
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