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Chapter 373 Micheng, Can You Come Back Now?

  • Lu Yuzhen had no idea how fast he was driving. When the truck was flashing its lights at him, he suddenly felt his eyes stinging, making him break out in a cold sweat.
  • When he was young, he had encountered hopeless situations several times. Not only did he not have any fear when facing death, but he even felt relieved at those times. However, at this moment, his pupils suddenly constricted and he quickly turned the steering wheel in an attempt to save himself.
  • He did not wish to die.
  • Currently, he did not wish to die at all.
  • He really cherished his life now, because he had Mrs. Lu now.
  • Ever since Mrs. Lu came into his life, he became reluctant to leave this world. Within this short moment, his mind was full of sweet memories with her.
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