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Chapter 362 I Want to Bear Two Children for Mr Lu

  • Dean Li Wenqing came to join the fun. “Micheng, Xinang is actually your senior, isn’t he? You two are just fated to meet each other.”
  • Xia Micheng shifted her gaze toward Lu Xinang. Both of them had actually graduated from Beijing Medical School. He was her senior, and she was his junior. Moreover, she had broken his academic record.
  • It was no wonder there was gentleness and charm in his gaze when he looked at her.
  • Lu Xinang was young and handsome; he was also the smartest person in Beijing. Now, he was wearing an all-white outfit, while his clean and cool vibe resembled the main character in novels.
  • Today, Xia Micheng was wearing a purple cardigan with a white camisole inside; she looked pure and adorable. As the both of them stood side by side, they looked like a perfect match.
  • As the flashes from the cameras focused on them, the reporters had taken a lot of photos of the pair.
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