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Chapter 354 Get Out of Here

  • To their surprise, there was an intruder. Xia Micheng gasped loudly out of terror as she was shabbily dressed at the moment before hiding her whole body in Lu Yuzhen’s arms.
  • Lu Yuzhen had wrapped one of his arms around her almost instantly to protect her. He reached out his other hand while turning his head toward the direction of the door.
  • The person standing by the door was actually the lady that had been chased away by Xia Micheng moments earlier.
  • This lady had rushed over after hearing about Lu Yuzhen’s return. She did not expect to see such a sight by the door with Lu Yuzhen having a delicate girl in his arms. He was wearing a shirt and a pair of suit pants where the exorbitant fabric was with nearly no folds, whereas the blouse on the Xia Micheng was at the point of falling off, filling the bathroom with a sense of charm and ambiguity.
  • The woman was startled when she caught Lu Yuzhen’s stare from his cold narrow eyes after lifting her head by chance. There was an instant shiver in her bones as she could not speak clearly for a while. “P-President…”
  • Lu Yuzhen simply reached out his hand to grab something before smashing it directly on the side of the door. A loud bang sounded right away as the inkstone laying by the sink costing over tens of thousands had shattered into pieces. It was then followed by his cold and viscous voice, “Get out of here!”
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