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Chapter 350 What I Want Is Not Needles, but You

  • Lu Yuzhen had been immersed in the shopping mall industry for many years. Since joining the field of business as a teenager, he had never been merciful to his rivals, and was rather good at his attacks. He had never encountered a situation where he waited for the rival to provoke and beat him.
  • Under her bright gaze, Lu Yuzhen put his arms around her supple shoulders and held her tightly in his arms before whispering, “Well, I don’t mind. You may go ahead.”
  • In the end, he felt that he couldn’t do anything to her at all; he could not break her wings and keep her by his side.
  • He could stand in place for her and do nothing—he could even endure the rival’s repeated provocations and retreat for her.
  • “Thank you, Mr. Lu,” Xia Micheng thanked him sweetly.
  • Lu Yuzhen’s thin lips formed into a charming arc. “Mrs. Lu, you don’t sound sincere when you thanked me. If you are sincere, you shouldn’t just talk with your mouth.”
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