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Chapter 342 Yuzhen, Let Her Go

  • “Okay,” Lu Yuzhen replied curtly as he nodded his head.
  • Right then, Lu Feifei piped up and lamented, “I was not there at the time, but after seeing the operation both of them performed together, I was really amazed. Needless to say, Xinang has good surgical skills, but the girl’s skills were on par with his using gold needles. The joint effort between Chinese and Western medicine is truly superb. Grandma, you should know that Xinang has high standards when it comes to girls, so it is only normal for him to have a crush on such a mysterious and talented girl. Speaking of which, I can’t think of any other girl with superb acupuncture techniques in the medical field except for Micheng. Could it be that the mysterious girl in Beijing back then had something to do with Micheng?”
  • At first, Lu Feifei did not associate Xia Micheng with the mysterious girl Lu Xinang had fallen in love with at first sight, but now that she thought about it carefully, she actually felt that it all fell into place perfectly.
  • At this moment, with a loud clunk, a dull and deterrent sound could suddenly be heard. Lu Yuzhen, who was sitting across from Lu Feifei, had thrown his knife and fork forcefully onto the dining table.
  • Lu Feifei looked up and immediately met Lu Yuzhen’s deep, narrow eyes. He glanced at her indifferently as he wiped the corners of his lips elegantly and casually with a napkin. “Aunt Lu, you’d better not be thinking of the things that you shouldn’t think. I’m done eating; enjoy your food while I take my leave first.”
  • With that, Lu Yuzhen got up and left.
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