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Chapter 332 Against the Gods

  • Lu Xinang stared at Xia Micheng’s bright eyes and gave her a nod. “Yeah, I came to have a look.”
  • His cell phone was lying quietly inside his pocket; he had received a message from Xia Keke earlier. It simply wrote, ‘Xia Micheng wants to see you in the medicine chamber.’
  • Xia Keke’s message was cursory as she didn’t know who Lu Xinang was yet. She wanted to call Lu Xinang over by using such a poor excuse; she was certain that Lu Xinang would come as long as the excuse had something to do with Xia Micheng.
  • The fact was indeed so for Lu Xinang.
  • However, he didn’t tell Xia Micheng about it.
  • “Young Master Xinang, I’m going to the medicine chamber as well. Let’s go together, shall we?”
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