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Chapter 321 Madam Li Is in Grave Danger

  • After living in a wealthy and powerful family for decades, what Madam Li saw most was the infighting between women. Hence, over the last few years, Madam Li had encountered fewer and fewer vicious people than before because no pretentious b*itch could hide herself before her.
  • Her criticism against Xia Keke was so harsh that the words crashed onto Xia Keke as though they weighed a ton. Moreover, her final action of flicking her sleeves totally stunned everybody in the room.
  • The whole ward had become so quiet that one would have been able to hear the figurative pin drop.
  • The reporters had even forgotten to snap photos but instead, they looked at Madam Li dumbfoundedly.
  • Shuang Shuang sucked in a breath. She had always thought that her grandfather was the sternest and scariest person in the world. However, he was nothing in comparison to the Madam Li in front of her.
  • The purpose of Shuang Shuang coming over on this day was to keep an eye on the situation. Now that Xia Micheng had been kicked out of the Privy Research Center, she had to stay by Madam Li’s side after she regained consciousness and then report every detail to Xia Micheng.
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