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Chapter 320 You Are Not My Fairy!

  • Upon hearing this, Xia Keke’s hand paused midair. Mm… This is a little bit awkward.
  • What’s the situation now?
  • Click click. There were a lot of cameras taking photos behind them. Most importantly, they were on a livestream now. Every reporter stretched their hands to reach microphones out to them as they began to talk over one another.
  • “Madam, this is Xia Keke, the medical girl genius. She’s the one who saved you!”
  • “Madam, haven’t you been looking for your fairy? She’s the fairy whom you’ve been asking for.”
  • Zhou Ping spoke too. “Madam, are you still feeling dizzy as you’ve just regained consciousness? Keke is the one who saved you. She is also your fairy.”
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