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Chapter 314 She Had a Miscarriage

  • What a pervert! He wanted her to open her mouth during a kiss!
  • Ye Yuan glared at him coldly with a provocative look in her eyes. She kept her mouth shut, refusing to listen to him.
  • Gu Longfan was slightly annoyed. So, he tightened his grip around her pretty face, attempting to force her to open her mouth.
  • The thing Ye Yuan couldn’t stand the most was pain and Gu Longfan knew this more than anyone else in the world. He even needed to persuade Ye Yuan—his beloved red rose under his care and protection—for a long time to take her medicine. Whenever she was ill, she would cry because she was afraid of getting injections. She would look pitifully at him with her teary eyes.
  • He was not sure when it began, but he grew to become very abusive toward her, as if he was being possessed by demons; he wanted to love her, but at the same time, he had the urge to destroy her.
  • As expected, his strong grip hurt Ye Yuan and she frowned. Gradually, she opened her mouth.
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