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Chapter 311 The Channel Is Very Annoying, Block It

  • In the livestream studio, the assistant was amazed by the amount of money they received. “Wow, Ye Yuan, an extravagant sponsor appeared. What a huge reward he gave!”
  • Xia Micheng stared at the amount in bewilderment. She could not help but feel amazed by that as well. Soon, she froze. “What did the extravagant sponsor say? Ye Yuan, he actually requested you to say ‘I love you’ to him?”
  • Ye Yuan was no longer in the black suit. She had changed into a plain and clean white t-shirt. She noticed the message ‘Say you love me’ written by the extravagant sponsor too as she read through the comments with her bright and beautiful eyes.
  • “Ye Yuan, this is the Internet. It’s full of psychotic perverts. Don’t worry, I’ll ask our support team to return the money back to the guy!” the assistant said righteously.
  • Ye Yuan’s full eyelashes quivered before curving her beautiful lips into a smile. “Don’t bother doing that. The extravagant sponsor is not someone who’s ready to compromise easily. I’ll say it if that’s what he wants. After all, the guy spent quite a lot on our channel.”
  • “Ye Yuan, you sure you really want to do that?” the assistant asked in uncertainty.
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