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Chapter 308 We Have the Money, We Just Need the Link

  • Xia Keke glanced at Xia Chunyang immediately. He was dazed. “Keke, weren’t… weren’t you the one who told Micheng about that? Micheng said that you confessed, that was why I confessed too…”
  • Xia Keke’s grip around the cell phone tightened instantly. Her idiotic father was tricked by Xia Micheng!
  • “Xia Keke, so you are the one who stole my mother’s medical codex. You owed your success to the codex and even enjoyed the attention all these years! I want you to return every single thing you stole from me all these years. Besides, I’ve said it before, all these years you have been simply trying to take shortcuts without actually trying to learn medicine from the basics properly. It’s useless even if you have my mother’s medical codex. There’s no way you can achieve greater success in medicine. So, either you pay me back the 1.2 billion and we’ll meet in the court, or you personally hand over my mother’s medical codex! I’ll wait for your answer!” Xia Micheng directly hung up the phone.
  • Xia Keke was so furious that she hurled the cell phone away. The medical codex was her precious treasure. She owed all her success to it. She would never hand over the codex to Xia Micheng. But, what about 1.2 billion? She never thought that she would be trapped by the 1.2 billion one day! She was in a dilemma now. This day was supposed to be her big day and yet it was completely ruined by Xia Micheng!
  • In the livestream studio, Ye Yuan stared at Xia Micheng in amazement. “Micheng, you are incredible! You used the 1.2 billion to force Xia Keke to hand over the medical codex! Either way, it will still be a double whammy for her. I bet she’ll blow her top now.”
  • Xia Micheng smiled. “I still have some tricks up my sleeves to manipulate those two scumbags. Like I said before, she’ll personally hand over my mother’s medical codex to me very soon.”
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