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Chapter 301 Something My Mom Left Me

  • The pupils in Xia Micheng’s clear eyes shrank. She immediately sent a voice message in disbelief. “Why is Gu Fanlong holding you back?”
  • Ye Yuan’s dulcet tones drifted through her phone’s speakers. “It’s because I didn’t spend time with him during his birthday, so he just cut off everything in a fit. He even got Jin Hua to tell me to look for him once I’ve seen things his way.”
  • Xia Micheng’s pretty eyebrows knitted together. “Just what is this Young Master Gu thinking? That’s a grudge that belongs to the older generation. You didn’t do anything. Even if he wants to get revenge for it, he has already done so, right? Wasn’t what he did during your birthday already enough? Why is he still clinging to you?”
  • Xia Micheng was furious. She decided to send another voice message. “I think that Young Master Gu isn’t in the right frame of mind. He grew up in an oppressive family as a child and suffered all of his mother’s pain and hatred. He’s been trying to win your love over the years with gifts and such, all so that he can finally have you in his palm. He’s too shady and dangerous. He’s definitely not as squeaky clean as his appearance. Yuan, you have to find a way to escape him. He’s going to destroy you if you continue to play his game.”
  • Ye Yuan of course knew that Gu Longfan hated her. She had clearly heard the exchange with his mother while she was hiding in the room. Still, that was to be expected. Her mother had destroyed his family and crippled his mother’s legs; anyone would have loathed her.
  • Ye Yuan’s soft voice rang out again. “Got it. Micheng, come on over.”
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