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Chapter 294 Mr Lu Gave Me a Beating

  • Xia Micheng scoffed silently. Just you wait. You’ll be embarrassed during the interview later. It’s going to be a live broadcast. Tens of thousands of people will be watching on the Internet.
  • Xia Keke took a glance at Xia Micheng’s expressions. Harboring malicious intentions, she asked, “Are you feeling alright, Micheng? I saw President Lu come and visit the research center last night. You guys looked like you had a fight.”
  • Mr. Lu was indeed a man with vision; Xia Keke had been waiting for Xia Micheng to thoroughly embarrass her.
  • Xia Micheng’s long eyelashes fluttered. “Xia Keke, you were the one who texted Mr. Lu, weren't you? Mr. Lu showed his phone to me. You've really put me in trouble. Mr. Lu was so jealous that he gave me a beating of my life after we got home!”
  • Xia Keke immediately froze. At this moment, she caught sight of the kiss mark on her neck. Although Xia Micheng was trying to cover up the kiss mark by wearing a half-collar shirt, Xia Keke’s observant eyes still spotted the mark.
  • The kiss mark which Lu Yuzhen left behind, in addition to what Xia Micheng said—‘gave me a beating of my life’—caused Xia Keke to have inappropriate thoughts flashing across her mind.
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