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Chapter 286 I Hate Myself When I Act Like This

  • Lu Yuzhen did not leave the scene. Instead, he went to the President’s office and smoked a cigarette on the black leather sofa. The smoke that lingered around his head had blurred his face; only the heavy frown on his face could be vaguely seen. Red hot ash fell from his fingertips, which seemed to echo the smoker’s foul mood.
  • After some time, he heard an exclamation coming from the lounge. “Ah!”
  • Startled, Lu Yuzhen swiftly flicked the cigarette butt into the ashtray before marching toward the lounge. As soon as he opened the door, he asked, “What happened?”
  • Xia Micheng had finished crying. Now, her eyes and nose had reddened. There were still some tears hanging from her long eyelashes. After putting on her clothes properly, she came down from the sink, but because her limbs had been inactive for quite some time, they had turned numb. Hence, she nearly fell down when she got down from it.
  • Xia Micheng lifted her gaze to look at the man who was standing at the door before asking him in a saddened tone, “Why haven't you left yet?”
  • Lu Yuzhen did not expect that Xia Micheng was still willing to talk to him. Didn't she say that she didn't love him anymore? Didn't she hate him?
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