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Chapter 284 Lu Yuzhen, You Are Really Hurting Me Like This

  • The reason Xia Micheng did not head home was because she had been testing the drugs on herself. However, she fainted due to the overwhelming pain from the test and Lu Xinang must have helped her up…
  • However, how was she going to explain all these to him?
  • “I-I wasn’t feeling quite well today, that was why Lu Xinang had helped me back up. Our relationship was not what you’ve imagined…”
  • Seeing the evasive eyes of hers made Lu Yuzhen know that she was lying. She would go so far as to telling lies now!
  • “Xia Micheng, could you be more serious in this matter? That was really an half-hearted explanation that you’ve just given me. Do I really seem to be that easily fooled by you?”
  • Xia Micheng reached out to grab his sleeves. “Mr. Lu, can you believe me for this once? There is really nothing going on between Lu Xinang and I…”
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