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Chapter 279 It Was You?

  • Xia Micheng immediately raised her eyes to see a handsome face growing larger in her sight. Lu Xinang was here!
  • Why is he here?
  • Lu Xinang lowered his good-looking eyelids as he shot a glance at her. Then, his cold eyes fell upon the tiny bottle with the poison from the Devil’s Snare flower inside. “What’s that?”
  • Xia Micheng’s long eyelashes fluttered; she quickly reached out her hand to hide the tiny bottle inside her pocket. “N-nothing. It’s just a little toy that Shuang Shuang gave me.”
  • She was a terrible liar. Even though she was struggling hard to sound as natural and calm as possible, Lu Xinang knitted his handsome brows. “Why does it look like poison to me?”
  • Xia Micheng could find no words to answer him.
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