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Chapter 270 My Wife, Your Sister-In-Law

  • Lu Feifei couldn’t even utter a word. Her favorite person Xia Micheng had married the nephew of hers that she disliked the most. The general population was still talking about how Lu Yuzhen’s wife was just a high school graduate. Xia Keke had also said that as well. Lu Feifei thought those rumors outrageous. A mere high school graduate? How could one actually expect her to accept that a young genius who graduated with double masters at the age of 15 was just a high school graduate?
  • Lu Feifei gazed at Xia Micheng, her emotions complicated. She had many things she wanted to say. Does she know about Lu Yuzhen’s physical condition? He is an insane man!
  • Lu Yuzhen’s gaze once again fell nonchalantly upon Lu Xinang. His thin lips curved up. “Xinang, I still haven’t introduced you two. This is Xia Micheng, my wife, and also your sister-in-law!”
  • It was just a simple sentence, but the forceful and domineering way he said it announced everything.
  • Lu Xinang stood where he was, aloof. His black eyes fixed upon Lu Yuzhen’s hand. Lu Yuzhen still had his hand wrapped around Xia Micheng’s waist. He had just caught sight of Lu Yuzhen pinching her.
  • Xia Micheng’s waist was very narrow. With Lu Yuzhen’s hand wrapped around it, one simply got the feeling that he would be able to snap her soft waist in two if he so much as exerted a little pressure.
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