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Chapter 269 I Am His Mrs Lu

  • They were still in the springtime of their lives. As the young man and the lady stood together, they looked as wonderful as a freeze-framed sand painting even as one glanced at them from afar.
  • Lu Yuzhen stood motionlessly in his place; he felt a stabbing pain in his eyes as he looked at the scene before him.
  • He never expected Xia Micheng to come. So it turned out that this gathering was the one that she wanted to join, Lu Yuzhen thought to himself as he understood everything when he looked at the scene and Lu Feifei, who was standing aside.
  • So the lady genius whom Lu Feifei liked was… Xia Micheng!
  • The lady whom Lu Feifei wanted to introduce to Lu Xinang and arrange for him to date was also Xia Micheng!
  • Lu Yuzhen immediately frowned with a look of chilling sternness in his eyes. He put a hand in his pocket, opened his mouth, and called, “Mrs. Lu!”
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