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Chapter 268 Lu Yuzhen Saw Lu Xinang and Xia Micheng

  • Therefore, Lu Xinang recognized Xia Micheng at the first glance when she first showed up at Privy Research Center.
  • The girl with a veiled face in his memory had grown up to become a lady who was shining with unrivaled beauty.
  • He had been looking for her for a whole year only to see her at the last minute when he was about to go back to Beijing as his time was almost up.
  • Lu Xinang walked up to Xia Micheng, stopping in front of her.
  • Xia Micheng looked at him in surprise. “It’s you? Oh right, did you take the Daluo Sutra from Zhao Liying that day? You have helped me once again. I went back that day to say thank you to you, but you were gone, and I haven’t seen you over the last two days.”
  • Lu Xinang looked her in the eye and said, “There’s no need to thank me.”
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