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Chapter 264 Get This Girl Out of Here

  • Lu Feifei came from a prominent family. She met many different kinds of people in her life before. As a person who had been through the golden age of Lin Hurou and Liu Yingluo, whose older brother was a well-known business tycoon and her nephews were Lu Yuzhen and Lu Xinang, Lu Feifei had a very good judgement on a person’s personality besides having high expectations for people. The only one she truly liked and admired was a genius young girl like Xia Micheng.
  • Thus, Lu Feifei could immediately see through Xia Keke’s pretentious and scheming façade. She remarked coldly, “Professor Qian is the best professor in our Holy Dawn Academy. You’ll learn a great deal of knowledge from her. Medicine is a very straightforward knowledge, so you’ll have to be passionate about it in order to excel in it.”
  • Xia Keke desperately wanted to impress Lu Feifei at the gathering on this day, but she never thought that the latter would impassively lecture her about working harder for success in the medical world.
  • “Dean Lu.” At the same time, someone walked over to greet Lu Feifei. So, she turned away to chat with the person without sparing another look at Xia Keke.
  • Xia Keke tugged Professor Qian’s sleeve disappointedly. She pouted her lips bitterly and complained, “Professor Qian, it seems Dean Lu doesn’t like me very much.”
  • Professor Qian comforted, “That’s just her usual personality. She didn’t mean to upset you.”
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