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Chapter 263 Dean Lu Is My Idol

  • In her elegant dress, Xia Keke entered the lobby. She saw lots of notable medical professors and academicians in the ballroom. It was her first time participating in this kind of gathering. So, she felt really excited and happy.
  • At that moment, Professor Qian walked toward her. “Keke, you’re here?”
  • Xia Keke stepped forward immediately and held Professor Qian’s arm. “Yes, Professor Qian, I’m here. There are lots of professors around here. I saw them in interviews on television before. I’ve read their medical theses too.”
  • Professor Qian explained, “Keke, you’ve been studying all these years and just graduated from the Holy Dawn Academy. So, I bet you don’t have many connections in the medical world yet. I brought you here to the gathering to introduce some notables to you. The most important thing is that it’s time for you to meet your mentor.”
  • Xia Keke’s heart skipped a beat. Indeed, it was time for her to find a mentor. Each medical academician had his own medical research team, which involved the most advanced clinical research in the country. They also had extensive connections in the medical world. She had to join one of their teams.
  • Professor Qian glanced around the surrounding area. “Has Mr. Li Wenqing from your research center returned yet?”
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