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Chapter 260 Liu Yingluo, the Talented and Beautiful Daughter of the Liu Family

  • Lu Yuzhen caressed her head. “My aunt came to visit grandma in Orchid Garden today.”
  • Xia Micheng glanced up at him quickly. “Your aunt? Very well, Mr. Lu. Your aunt came to visit Grandma but you didn’t bring me home to see her. You even lied to me that you just went back to take some documents. What’s the meaning of this? Do you think that I am an embarrassment to you?” Xia Micheng clenched her hand into fists and angrily thumped Lu Yuzhen twice.
  • Lu Yuzhen grabbed her little fist. “My aunt just wants to make fun of you. She said you’re just a high school graduate. She wants to introduce a genius young girl to my younger brother. It seems like she’s very fond of that genius girl.”
  • About the high school graduate thing… Xia Micheng bit her lips while forcibly pulling her little fist from his grasp. Feeling angry, she turned her back toward Lu Yuzhen and lay on the bed. “I’m ignoring all of you! You guys are mean for looking down on me!”
  • Gazing at her petite figure, Lu Yuzhen turned around and placed his thin lips close to her fair little earlobe. He chuckled and whispered in her ear with a low voice, “Are you angry? How about me proving your point by doing something really mean tonight? I’ll show you just how mean I can be.”
  • Lu Yuzhen placed his large hand on her flat belly before trying to reach inside from the corner of her pajamas.
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