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Chapter 249 Why Is She Here?

  • Professor Qian liked Lu Xinang the most among the juniors in medicine.
  • Lu Feifei, the Dean of the Holy Dawn Academy in F Country, had wanted to invite Lu Xinang to give some speeches at the Academy over the past few years. Unfortunately, Lu Xinang couldn’t spare any time for it as he was too busy with performing surgeries.
  • So, Professor Qian felt genuinely curious when she saw Lu Xinang at Privy Research Center.
  • Lu Xinang was wearing a white shirt on this day as he always did. He looked pure and handsome; the corner of his shirt was hanging out while his bright, black eyes were covered by his wavy bangs.
  • “I already knew the matter about my aunt. I’ll take my leave first,” said Lu Xinang coldly before he left.
  • Zhao Liying was feeling great. Xia Keke had reassured him, and it wouldn’t take long before Xia Keke became his girlfriend.
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