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Chapter 245 Blind Date

  • Ye Yuan texted back. ‘Go through what you just said. Are you sure those are what a normal person would say?’
  • Xia Micheng was silent; she only knew that she was telling the truth.
  • Ye Yuan sent another text. ‘Micheng, the dean of Holy Dawn Academy personally offered you the chance to study abroad when you were 15 years old, am I right? Xia Keke, on the other hand, only entered the academy through the backdoor with Mr. Lu’s help. What a pain in the neck you are to always leave Xia Keke alone like this! I think you’re going to anger her to death this time.’
  • Xia Micheng gave it a thought before she replied, ‘What can I do? She always copies what I’ve done, but it can’t be helped that all she had learned were the leftover tricks of mine.’
  • Ye Yuan texted back. ‘I don’t want to talk to you anymore. The world of straight-A students is so enviable.’
  • Xia Micheng laughed and was just about to put her cell phone away when Shuang Shuang ran up to her. “Bad news, Micheng! Xia Keke… She…”
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