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Chapter 235 The Young Girl Who Is a Medical Genius

  • Li Qianhui’s rebuttal instantly made Xia Chunyang blow his top. The past few days had gone by breezily for him; it had been as though he was floating. He had also attended the painstakingly-planned birthday party with the dream of becoming the national darling’s father-in-law, but in the end, he became a laughing stock instead. And now, everyone was rushing to withdraw their investments from the company; he had practically fallen from heaven right into hell.
  • Li Qianhui had treated him nicely the past two days, so he accepted her in stride. Now that these events had come to pass, his loathing for Li Qianhui skyrocketed again.
  • “Li Qianhui, how dare you continue to talk back? Look at what you’ve done; everyone’s pointing their fingers at me. I would have forgiven you because of how Keke was going to bring me glory, but you two wrecked the birthday party to this extent, and Xia Micheng is even Lu Yuzhen’s wife. It’s all your fault, the both of you!” Xia Chunyang bit back angrily.
  • Li Qianhui was enraged too. “Xia Chunyang, you’ve always been this selfish. You just put up with us only when we’re useful, but once we no longer have any value, you just change your tune and refuse to recognize us. Have you ever loved Keke? Or me? The only one you love is yourself!”
  • “Shut your mouth!” Xia Chunyang stepped forward and raised a hand to slap Li Qianhui.
  • Li Qianhui tumbled onto the sofa from the force of the slap. She then put a hand to her face. “Okay then, Xia Chunyang, you’ve even decided to raise your hand against me; I’m not going to hold back against you today!”
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