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Chapter 223 What Exactly Did She Give up On

  • “No!” Xia Keke clenched her fists. At this moment, she could no longer keep calm and sane. “Chairman Lu, have you forgotten? You said that you’ll give me a birthday surprise…”
  • Looking cold and heartless, Lu Yuzhen’s good-looking face did not flinch when he said, “Isn’t this considered a birthday surprise?”
  • Upon hearing this, Xia Keke forgot to breathe as she finally came to a realization; she understood what Lu Yuzhen’s birthday ‘surprise’ implied. Everything was just a conspiracy and a scheme—from mistaking the butler as Xia Micheng’s husband to the breakup between Lu Yuzhen and Xia Micheng, everything was just part of the plan to give her a slap in the face at her birthday party.
  • In addition, most people had actually known about it. Gu Longfan, Huo Zhixun, and Ye Yuan were in on it, yet she continued to speak ill of Orchid Garden in front of them at the 1949 Bar. They must’ve been laughing at her all this while.
  • In conclusion, she was just a fool!
  • Since young, Xia Keke had been self-centered, boastful, and loved to compare herself with Xia Micheng. At this moment, she felt that she was just a huge joke to everyone.
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