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Chapter 220 Make a Fool of Yourselves

  • At this moment, Mr. Fu spoke up, “You guys are hilarious! Young Mistress’s husband is of course the Young Master. How can you guys ask such a dumb question?!”
  • Li Qianhui’s fingertips were trembling after being called dumb. “You…”
  • “I don’t like talking to dumb people.” Mr. Fu steered his gaze away from Li Qianhui after saying this. Then, he said humbly, “Young Mistress, please don’t let these people affect your good mood. It’s your birthday today, and the Young Master will celebrate with you on the top floor of the Grand Imperial Hotel. Let’s take the elevator up now.”
  • Li Qianhui nearly passed out from anger after being blatantly scorned by Mr. Fu. However, she was alarmed after hearing him talk about the Grand Imperial Hotel’s top floor.
  • It was a known fact that the Grand Imperial Hotel was Haicheng City’s most prestigious and luxurious hotel that no other hotel could be compared with. Its top floor had never been opened to the public, and there were rumors that the place was like a paradise; it was so high that people could even touch the sky and pick the stars.
  • Everyone had heard rumors about it, but they never had the chance to go up there and witness it themselves.
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