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Chapter 205 Where Is My Birthday Present?

  • All the cat girls had a crush on Gu Longfan, and they hoped to get chosen by him. However, Huo Qing’s unexpected participation in their dance had ruined their hopes; she had stolen the limelight by dancing at the center most position in front of them. Because of this, the girls harbored great resentment toward the snobbish and bossy daughter of the Huo Family who always had to have her own way.
  • Naturally, Huo Qing was very confident with her dance. Being the apple of the eye of many geeky guys, she had mastered the Fire Dance a long time ago. Her entire body was covered in sweat after dancing so vigorously, and she gazed longingly at Gu Longfan with her beautiful eyes; she had a feeling that he would give her his keycard.
  • While everyone cheered for Gu Longfan to make his decision, he glanced at Huo Qing indifferently and smiled. “I think they danced poorly.”
  • What?
  • Huo Qing froze in shock.
  • Suddenly, something dawned on her; even though Gu Longfan had agreed to have fun with them and promised to give his keycard to the best dancer, he could still keep his keycard to himself if all of them danced poorly.
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