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Chapter 200 We Are All Yours

  • Xia Keke was very pleased with what Huo Qing had said. However, she pretended to be offended and stopped Huo Qing from slandering Xia Micheng. “Qing, don’t say that about Micheng.”
  • While they were not aware of the fact that Xia Micheng’s ghost husband was Lu Yuzhen, Gu Longfan and Huo Zhixun knew, and although Gu Longfan managed to keep his composure as he glanced at Lu Yuzhen calmly, Huo Zhixun could not hold back his laughter and spurted the red wine he drank before laughing out loud.
  • “Zhixun, what’s so funny?” Huo Qing was very curious about her brother’s behavior.
  • Of course, Xia Keke was curious too. Why is Young Master Huo laughing so hard?
  • “Haha! Oh, it’s nothing. I just heard something really funny, that’s all. Don’t mind me…” Huo Zhixun laughed so hard that his stomach hurt.
  • Lu Yuzhen, the so-called ‘pervert’, was leaning against the sofa lazily with both of his long legs crossed in an elegant manner, puffing on the cigar he held between his slender fingers. The smoke from the cigar blurred his attractive face, which then appeared more mysterious, unreal and aloof. He puffed on the cigar and glanced at Huo Qing coldly. “Don’t mention her; it spoils my mood.”
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