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Chapter 199 They Really Broke Up

  • Succumbing to his passionate kiss, Xia Micheng’s mind went blank completely and she could not think properly.
  • His words kept ringing in her ears. Aren’t stalking and forced kissing considered fighting too?
  • In his eyes, stalking and kissing me forcefully meant that we were fighting? He is an autocratic man indeed!
  • Xia Micheng went limp as she completely succumbed to the man’s mature and domineering temperament.
  • The socialites were not far from where Xia Micheng and Lu Yuzhen were. How could they have possibly gone far? After all, they had to witness Xia Micheng being kicked away miserably by Lu Yuzhen with their own eyes. However, what was going on there?
  • “Chairman Lu is fighting with Xia Micheng, isn’t he?”
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