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Chapter 195 Chairman Lu, You Sweet and Silly Boy

  • Li Qianhui immediately sent Mr. Fu’s photo to Xia Keke.
  • Within seconds, Xia Keke called Lin Qianhui and said excitedly, “Mom! Is this old man Xia Micheng’s ghost husband? He looks like he’s in his eighties. Why has Xia Micheng married such an old man?!”
  • Xia Keke was so close to bursting into laughter at the other end of the phone.
  • Looking at Mr. Fu who was behind the gate, Li Qianhui said, “I’m sure about it, Keke. This old man is Xia Micheng’s ghost husband. With his age, he can be Xia Micheng’s grandfather already. Let’s upload this photo to the Internet later. I’m sure that Lu Yuzhen will drive Xia Micheng away once he sees this photo.”
  • “Mom. You’re the best. How can you be so smart? It was you who had brought Xia Micheng back from the village and married her to this old man in Orchid Garden.” Xia Keke was really in awe of Li Qianhui now.
  • Li Qianhui got out of her bad mood and smiled triumphantly under the sun. “I told you so, Keke. I’ve already paved the way for you. Let’s wait for the drama to unfold!”
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