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Chapter 194 Go Out and Walk Around

  • Xia Chunyang answered, “Hello. Xia Micheng is the Young Mistress here, right? I’m her father, also this family’s in-laws. I’m hoping to meet my son-in-law today.”
  • “Please wait for a while. I’ll inform them right away.”
  • Li Qianhui snorted after the maid went in. “Isn’t this place just plain old Orchid Garden? Why do they have to act so mysteriously like they have many rules? Those who do not know the truth might think of this place as the residence of some wealthy and influential family.”
  • As the maid blocked Xia Chunyang outside instead of inviting him in just now, he felt ashamed too. How dared she!
  • Madam Lu was gardening at the backyard garden when the maid approached her. “Madam. There’s somebody outside hoping to meet Young Master Lu. They said they’re Young Mistress Lu’s parents.”
  • Holding the watering pot in one hand, Madam Lu paused for a second before resuming watering the plants. There was a glimmer of a smile in her shrewd eyes. “What day is it today that even those freaks have come to my door? Are they bringing some fun for me after seeing me being too bored?”
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