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Chapter 192 Your Cute Little Girl Is Here

  • Xia Keke was implicitly suggesting that it was Xia Micheng who had seduced Lu Yuzhen. Of course, this was what she believed too because she could not find any other explanation for Lu Yuzhen to be together with Xia Micheng.
  • The onlookers nodded in agreement.
  • “Chairman Lu is an influential businessman who has Haicheng City in the palm of his hands. How could Xia Micheng possibly boss him around? Chairman Lu will definitely not come here!”
  • “Xia Micheng must have quite the means to be able to seduce Chairman Lu.”
  • “The moment when Xia Micheng is kicked out will probably be the day Chairman Lu abandons her…”
  • As the people were chiming in with her, Xia Keke’s lips curved up triumphantly.
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