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Chapter 184 A Good Show

  • Xia Micheng placed her phone back into her handbag, then she started to work as usual. Many bystanders came over to watch a good show, but when they saw how unperturbed she was, they started gossiping among themselves.
  • “Xia Micheng is really thick-skinned. Her extra-marital affairs have been exposed but she’s still doing her work like usual. How arrogant!”
  • “You should go and try to hook up with Lu Yuzhen. Who knows? You might be more arrogant and calmer than she is!”
  • Just then, someone pushed through the crowd and came over. “Let me through! All of you, let me through, please!”
  • It was Shuang Shuang.
  • The bystanders thought that a good show was about to happen, so they cheered for her.
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