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Chapter 18 Payback

  • Li Qianhui glared viciously at Xia Micheng. She even felt that this Moo princess dress was made for Xia Micheng. She looked too elegant and sophisticated; even if she did not do anything, she could easily steal the limelight among any crowd.
  • If it wasn't for the Xia Family incident 10 years ago, then Xia Micheng would have become the top heiress of Haicheng City by now.
  • Xia Micheng and Ye Yuan had raised such an uproar back then. Their private driveway had been surrounded with scions, decked in dark suits. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the splendour that was the duo of Micheng of the South and Yuan of the North.
  • Micheng of the South and Yuan of the North.
  • Li Qianhui drew in a deep breath and swiftly faked a loving expression. After all, the current top heiress in Haicheng City was her daughter Xia Keke!
  • Li Qianhui walked up and lovingly held onto Xia Micheng’s hand. “Micheng, you have changed your dress. Come, I’ll introduce some friends to you… Just a second, why does this dress seem so familiar? Isn’t this the princess dress that Erxiang was supposed to wear tonight?”
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