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Chapter 169 A Phone Call To Him

  • Outside the Privy Research Center, a Rolls Royce Phantom slowly rolled to a halt. Through polished windows, Lu Yuzhen peered toward the pharmacy, where he knew she was.
  • If he walked in now, he would be able to find her.
  • The ointment he bought for her lay next to his hand; he wanted to give it to her.
  • But he wouldn’t enter. After all, he just came here to check the place out, and also to be somewhere closer to her.
  • Lu Yuzhen leaned his broad back flat against his seat. This was the safest distance between the two of them. As long as she didn’t come near him, then he wouldn’t hurt her. He would never want her hurt.
  • That girl was so sweet and smart; how he loved her so. She was the only medicine for him.
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