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Chapter 166 Foodie

  • Xia Micheng pondered for a while and said, “I don’t know what sort of books I’m looking for, or what medicine to use; I’m still thinking about it. Shuang Shuang, you don’t have to help me now; I will think about it over the next few days. Should I need your help, I will not hesitate to ask you. Go and look after your flowers now.”
  • Shuang Shuang thought that Xia Micheng was being mysterious. After all, she was a straight-A student, so her mindset must be different from other people. The library of the Privy Research Center was as large as the palace hall; she felt sleepy whenever she walked into it.
  • Just then, she caught sight of Xia Micheng’s neck and pointed at it, saying, “Micheng, what are those marks on your neck? Who bit you so fiercely?”
  • To cover the wounds on her body, Xia Micheng wore a turtleneck and covered herself fully. Unfortunately, they were still caught by Shuang Shuang’s sharp eyes.
  • Xia Micheng swiftly covered her collar with one hand and denied, “Shuang Shuang, stop talking nonsense; I was just b-bitten by a mosquito last night!”
  • Shuang Shuang pulled Xia Micheng to a corner and whispered, “Micheng, I heard that you are married to the ghost husband from Orchid Garden. Tell me the truth; is he a psychopath or what? Your wounds were obviously caused by a human. I can tell that his teeth sank into your flesh; he’s sucking your blood!”
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