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Chapter 165 Help Her Twice

  • It was five o’clock in the morning and the medicine chamber was empty. Xia Micheng switched on the bracket light in the restroom and removed her clothes. Her fair body was covered in bruises and traces of blood oozed out from the bite wound. She took out a bottle of antiseptic and some cotton buds before starting to treat her wounds.
  • Ouch! The pain caused her bright eyes to become reddened with tears.
  • Suddenly, the restroom door was pushed open; a tall and cool figure appeared by the doorway.
  • Xia Micheng did not expect anyone to come into the room during this odd hour. She squinted her eyes and quickly covered herself with her clothes.
  • “Who’s there?” Xia Micheng turned to look at the doorway. The one who stood there seemed like the guy who liked to sleep in the medicine chamber; she could not believe that she had completely forgotten about that mysterious guy.
  • It seemed that the man standing by the doorway did not expect Xia Micheng to be in the restroom either. He noticed that the girl had a veil covered over her face and was staring at him with her alert, dark and glittering eyes. What was more, her eyes were still glistening with tears from the pain she felt while treating her wounds as her eyelashes quivered in anxiety. Her extraordinary and exquisitely beautiful face was very attractive.
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