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Chapter 161 He Has Done It Again

  • What the heck did I do?
  • Xia Micheng felt embarrassed; she wanted to faint right away.
  • Her eyesight darkened again as Lu Yuzhen came forward with a kiss.
  • “No!” Xia Micheng covered his lips up with her tiny hands, not letting him kiss her.
  • Lu Yuzhen stopped in his tracks. His dark eyes were fuming with enthusiasm, seemingly melting her as well. “You’re the one being unreasonable and ruthless. You’ll cling onto me when you want me, and kick me away when you don’t want me. Mrs. Lu, do you really regard me as your toy boy?”
  • “I-I was drunk and unconscious. You can’t take advantage of me,” Xia Micheng defended herself as she fluttered her long lashes.
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