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Chapter 150 How Many Women Have You Been With?

  • Silence enveloped the place as everyone was waiting for Ye Yuan’s answer with bated breath.
  • But before Ye Yuan could even say anything, someone had thrown his card on the table, making a slapping sound.
  • Everyone was taken by surprise, and they saw that Gu Longfan had played his card when they turned their heads at the sound.
  • Gu Longfan smoked quietly. As the cigarette smoke swirled around him, he glanced at Young Master Sun with his handsome eyes. His lips then curled into a light smile as he asked, “What is the meaning of this? I have yet to show my card yet. Are you trying to keep me out of the game?”
  • Everyone lowered their heads to look at the card Gu Longfan played—it was an ‘Ace’.
  • ‘Ace’ meant 1, and it was the card with the least amount of points. Meanwhile, the card Ye Yuan played was a ‘2’.
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